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When the owners of a farm take a hands on approach magical things can happen.


Humboldt Edge works hard to stay on the forefront of change in the emerging Adult Use market while remaining true to our roots and values. 

We live and play where we farm. From planting to packaging, and all steps between, we work every step of the way to bring you cannabis that everyone can be proud of.

We start with a base of native top soil which gives our cannabis unique characteristics due to its naturally occurring biodiversity. In order to bring out a rich and diverse terpene profile we use only natural amendments. We practice natural and integrated pest management, and have years of testing results to prove our commitment to a clean and healthy product. We practice companion planting and cover cropping to ensure healthy and beneficial biodiversity at all farm levels. Finally, there is the love and attention to detail that you can only achieve by living and working on your farm every day.

Sam is a third generation Humboldt native that grew up in the Willow Creek area. You can see the home she grew up in from the farm she now cultivates on. Matt is a Southern California native that moved up here when he was 18 to go to Humboldt State University and has been active in the community ever since. 

They live on their farm with their son in the Willow Creek valley in eastern Humboldt County. They are joined on the farm by their long-time friend, David. Together, they work with the Humboldt County sunshine to grow high quality cannabis and bring the flavor of Humboldt Edge to the residents of California. 

As part of a small community they know just how much the small farmer affects the bigger picture. That’s why they work with local businesses and partners with the same values to ensure that they are being respectful to the land and people that call this valley home. 

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